My Internship




Totally this internship was successful. The aim of internship has been achieved and the scope of the internship has been finished as well. Besides, during the internship many things had been done and had been learned.

Even it was successful, learning process in the internship still has weakness. For some reasons, reading the documents to understand something new is not enough. These documents are such as preparation and questions for interview and working plan. It is better if after the student learned something new, there are some exercises given. Exercise could be make a similar document but with different and simple case. The process of making and the difficulties in finishing exercises, will make the level of understanding be better than only read the documents. In the other side, this method will add the task for the student and also the task for the supervisor and practical provider. From my experience, it is difficult to understand something without practice it directly. This method will help very much to understand better.


For the next internship it is suggested to make exercises after some explanations or some reading materials has been given. The percentage of practical and reading documents should be in balance. And in the end, it should be more discussion in solving some problems which faced by the student in the process of learning.

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