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Dear all,

welcome to this site. This site will explore my internship experiences, activities, studies, projects which I have done in research project of Centre for Renewable Energy (ZEE) in Freiburg, Germany. This internship has been done as a part of my whole module of Renewable Energy Management (REM) in Freiburg University.

The idea of creating this site is to share experience that I got in my internship to everyone world wide, without any boundary of time, location, and field of study. I thought that it will be nice if we can share our experience not to certain people but the others also. At least there many other things can be taken as a valuable lesson for the next time.

Who I am?
I come from Surabaya, Indonesia. I studied master program in Freiburg City of Germany since October 2008. Here I am:

With the total 26 students from 15 different countries (including me), we are the first generation of international master program study REM in the year 2008-2010.

I hope, many of you (especially for the student of REM Master Program) will get other brilliant idea regarding your internship or practical work whatever scope of field you have chosen. If you have any question according to this site and the internship I have done, please contact me by email at the address above.

Thank you,

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