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The methodology applied in this internship is divided into two parts, methodology for research projects and methodology for personal projects. It means, there were two projects should be done in this internship. Each project has different tasks and purposes, but the main aim is still correlated.

Research Projects

Methodology in carrying out research projects are categorized into two subsections, content of the project and organizational aspects. Content of the project gave emphasis to the projects of RE-Regions and Micro-Biogas. In the implementation, there was two main role to be performed, community involvement and part of project team. Both of them are executed with trans- and inter disciplinary approach. It means in cooperation, the field of specialization involved is not only from one disciplinary, but from various disciplinary. These personals join together in a work team or project team and collaborate in finalizing the project.

In Organizational aspects, transfer knowledge given is everything outside from content of the project. These insights are such as daily office work, administration of the project, communication within the team, and documentation of the project.

Personal Projects

Personal projects in this internship are making an international study and building a concept for master thesis proposal. International study is a study of renewable energy region in the world which aimed to achieve 100% self sufficiency with renewable energy for electricity and heat. The region identified is bordered as region which has developed and implemented renewable energy concept 100%. After the study area is limited, identification of the region can be started. The angles identified are success factors and the concept. Comment and suggestion are made as a learning process of the implementation of renewable energy concept. The whole of comments and suggestions will be put in a blog with the title "International Study of RE-Regions".

In the progress of building concept for master thesis proposal, literature review and input from research projects & international study will be considered. In the end of this activities, first draft of master thesis proposal will be expected as the outcome.

As the last turn of this internship, everything done and gained during the practical training will be put in a website with the title "My Internship". Content of the project and organizational aspects, and the blog will be connected as a part in my internship website. Details about the methodology can be viewed in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Methodology of Internship

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