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Name                                         Institute of Forestry Economics Research Project RE-Region: Socio-Ecology of Self Efficiency.
Contact Person & Supervisor        DR. Chantal Ruppert-Winkel
Practical Training Provider           DR. Daniel Pick
Address                                      Tennenbacher Strasse 4 79106 Freiburg
Tel/Fax                                      0761-2033792

Time Period
August 17th - October 5th 2009

Research Projects

      A. RE-Regions: Socio-ecology of Self Sufficiency
The project is about finding factors of success for concepts that are aimed at the complete energy supply (electricity and heat) on the basis of renewable energies.Focus of the project is bio-energy. An extensive examination including ecological and social chances and risks is planned. (Details) [1] 

      B. Distributed of Micro-Biogas Production (Micro-Biogas)
The project deals with the development of regional approaches to the decentralized sustainable production of biogenic waste materials for micro-biogas at the level of municipalities and counties. The region of Schwäbisch Hall will serve as an example and a feasibility study. For a successful implementation of the concept, ecological and socio-economic conditions and their effects will be analyzed. Moreover, the key players will be involved in the analysis process. (Details) [1]

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