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Development of transferable concepts towards sustainable development of bio residues and waste materials for micro-biogas production in municipalities and counties (joint project).


The joint project deals with the determination of unused potential of local biomass as well as the development of economic concepts towards sustainable development of bio residues and waste materials for distributed micro-biogas production in municipalities and counties.


Residue utilization, biomass gasification, regional bio energy


The project aims at the implementation of specific measures to transfer the concept to be developed for distributed micro-biogas production in municipalities and counties. In addition, a feasibility as well as transferability analysis will be provided. The realization of regional biomass usage concepts (to be developed) should pay off not only economical, but also set positive impulses for the regional economic.


For the implementation of the project, a technical concept and a feasibility and transferability analysis will be constructed for the administrative district of Schwäbisch Hall. Ecological and socio-economic aspects should be considered explicitly to facilitate a permanent anchorage and later realization of the concept. The technical options, the economic load capacity, the actor related implementation potential and the ecological compatibility are the central design criteria for the concepts. ZEE develop within the frame work of the joint project a stakeholder analysis and investigates favorable and transferable socio-economic factors.


Determination of biomass potential, technology assessment, energy balance, calculation of profitability, stakeholder analysis

Development of distributed bioenergy usage, trans-and interdisciplinary research, socio-economic approaches

Micro-biogas production, development of distributed bioenergy usage concepts for waste and residues materials

Work packages (AP) of the project:


Project Duration:

July 1st 2009 - June 30th 2011

Official Homepage:


Centre for Renewable Energy (ZEE)
University of Freiburg - General Project Leader
Tennenbacher Str.4
79106 Freiburg

Dr. Chantal Ruppert-Winkel – Project Leader       
Telephone: +49 (0) 761-203-3792

DR. Daniel Pick
Telephone: +49 (0) 761-203-3793

Institute for Landscape and Plant - Ecology
UniversitY of Hohenheim

Energy Centre of the Business Development Cooperation
of the Administrative District Schwäbisch Hall

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