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International Study is a study about regions which have desire to be self sufficient or have achieved self sufficient target in utilizing renewable sources to generate 100% energy supply (electricity and heat) from renewable energy. To make easier in the next time in adapting the content, from the beginning in the concept of creating this website, International Study will be located separate as an independent blog but will be linked to this site. The address of this blog is  with the Title "International Study of RE-Regions".

The blog will give information about some regions which have achieved 100% self sufficiency with renewable energy. For each page will be given details concept implemented and what is the current status now. Some comments and suggestions from my point of view will be given in the end of article. The comments and suggestions will focus on:
  • is the concept has been successful implemented, what is the current status?
  • if 100% has been achieved, then what is the success factors?
  • can other region implement the concept as well in their region?
  • what kind of lesson can be taken as experience?
For each region, will be provided column for comments and feedback to be written by the reader.

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