My Internship


Documentation of working files

In internship, I made a documentation of files I had been worked with "working folder" and manual way. In general, I classified files based on the time frame. Recording method for each file depends on the condition during working time.

In working folder, I put each files I had done into folder of each date in each month. For example working files I had finished in August 17th, I put it into folder August 17th 2009. This folder then I locate into folder August. Details of all working files for each date can be seen in Recording Files of Working.

Recording Files of Working

  • August 17th, 2009:
It was the first day of my internship. In this first day, I was introduced with many things and stuffs around my working place. On the whole, it's divided into two part, organizational and the content of the project part.

In organizational part, I was introduced with the people around my working place, every tools and equipment to be used in daily working activities (kitchen equipments, printing machines, references/books), how to communicate (how to make a call with university phone, to whom I could ask questions and how to contact them), where to put all of working files in the university's network, what should be done if I had trouble with the computer.

In the content of the project part, I was introduced to RE-Regions and Micro-Biogas projects, how to communicate within the project.

Relating to my internship, I had been explained about internship time schedule, my tasks, communication in the internship, and small "daily evaluation" after the working time had almost finished. The way to communicate in this internship was not only discussion but also email. From this day, I received all emails related to the project as other project team and from colleges around my working place in ZEE.

Actually, in the end, there would be an internship presentation. So, in this day, I and my supervisor discussed about the report and the presentation. How would it be. Then I made a review about what I thought interesting related to the project, what was my expectation and what I wanted to know from this internship.

  • August 18th, 2009:
In the second day, I started with the content of the projects part. As I have already explained, in this internship there were two research projects I had been involved, RE-Regions and Micro-Biogas.

In RE-regions, I read components of the project: how is the way of looking at the problem and what are the goals of each component in the project. Then I read draft design of the interview. This draft design contains questions for the interview, list of key actors would be interviewed, and qualitative interview with key actors. Besides, I read also fact sheet of each community in RE-Regions project.

In Micro-Biogas project, I made some questions about the implementation of biogas project in the community and discussed the questions. In the end, I made a summary from the discussion.

I received an email "Toblacher Gespräche". It was about distributed energy as a building block after fossil regional economics. This discussion was located in Toblach and held on Oktober 2nd - 3rd 2009.[5]

  • August 19th, 2009:
In this third day, I dealt with organizational aspects and content of the project. In organizational part, I had been explained how a project in the university will be paid, what is the mechanism to have the payment for a project in the university.

In content of the project, my college explained to me how the interview with the community would be applied in the field, where was the location, how key actors have been found in the community, and how to contact them. For these purposes, my college explained to me the community structure. Then, I read the method to prepare the interview and the interview question for RE-Regions project. In the afternoon, based on discussion from the second day, I viewed detail project of Micro-Biogas.

  • August 20th, 2009:
In this day, I helped to find key actor's information which was needed based on the list of important actors for interview in Morbach. My task was to make cross check whether there were some wrong actors with not exact occupation in the list. I also had to find some more information in case there were some important actors not included in the list. The information were: what is the occupation of the person, the address, what has the person done in the past, and other information which were interesting to be known.

I also asked about how is the communication and coordination of the team in the project. Of course, due to I made this internship in research project of ZEE, the explanation were related to the research project.

In the afternoon I joined a routine meeting with team project in ZEE. We talked about the project, preparation of the REM module, coordination for the interview in four different places, the expenses for the interview, and the schedule of participants for this interview.

  • August 21st, 2009:
In the last day of first week internship, I viewed working plan of the project, communication way in the project, and obligation of the project.

I have been explained by my supervisor and my college about how important is working plan for the project, how to arrange working plan or schedule of the project within the team, and how to organize the team to meet the schedule. It is a part of communication in the project.

Next lesson was about how to publish the project. Publication of the project is an obligation and should be done. I had been explained about the requirements to publish the project, how to publish it and where, the qualification for publication, and how overall works.

I asked again about the meaning of different colors in the working plan of the project, what was that and what was the meaning. My supervisor explained about those different letters and colors in each column, time duration of the table, and the arrangement of each activity in the table.

I received an article from my email. It was about "Is the Decentralization the Future of Sustainable Energy?".[6]

  • August 24th, 2009:
I received an email about an international conference. It was 11th Biennial Conference of the International Society for Ecological Economics (ISEE) 2010.[7]

I wanted to know more about communication in the project from other side, correction of working result. My supervisor explained to me how it worked, who made the correction for the first round, the next, up to the last. There was certain arrangement within the team in correcting the working result of colleges. I also viewed agenda for project meeting with the community in Morbach on August 31st 2009.

Finally in this day I could start to work with international study. I searched for the region which has achieved 100% renewable energy to generate electricity and heat.

  • August 25th, 2009:
I worked in the same task of the fourth day (August 20th), but this time the persons I looked for were different. I did it for interview in Morbach.

Then I had an appointment with my friend in REM. He worked as student assistant in the same project. He explained about his job descriptions, how many times he works per week and how is his feeling during working as student assistant in the project.

  • August 26th, 2009:
I viewed some presentation papers from Urban Research Symposium 2009 in Marseille, France[8]. My task was to find out whether the papers from this symposium had correlation with RE-Regions project. If yes, which papers and what was the title. After my examination, I found four papers which had close relation to RE-Regions project. They were:
- Capacity to Act: The critical determinant of local energy planning and program implementation by Stephen, A. Hammer
- Towards CO2 Neutral City Planning and Low-Energy Redevelopment - Presenting the Rotterdam Energy Approach and Planning (REAP) by 
van den Dobbelsteen
- The Tolerant Landscape: Strategies for A Less Vulnerable Urban Environment by Arne Loeper
- Restructuring Cities for Sustainability - A Metabolism Approach by Christof Schremmer

The last task was to help making an introduction of team profile for the introductory day of RE-Regions project in Morbach.

Then I worked on international study. I arranged the information I wanted to provide. I also decided in what form I would present the result. Finally, I chose table as the form.

  • August 27th, 2009:
I worked again on my international study. I still couldn't find any idea how my international study would be. I also still searched many information about the region.

In this day, I joined a long meeting. The meeting was divided into two sections. First section was before the lunch and the second was after the lunch.

The first section discussed about the preparation for the interview in each location. Due to many things had been discussed in the first section and there was one another topic should be discussed, after the last topic there was a break for 30 minutes. Then, we continued again to discuss about technical problems to go to Morbach and in Morbach. This questions was correlated with the plan for interview in each location. And this time the location was in Morbach.The second section discussed about preparation of the case study module for REM students.

  • August 28th, 2009:
I worked again on international study. I classified the region based on their country and continent. In this day, I also reviewed articles about region which I had found from the last day (August 24th).

  • August 30th, 2009:
In the last day of August, I reviewed again many technical knowledge I got from two research projects. They were Micro-Biogas and RE-Regions. For Micro-Biogas, I reviewed the overall concept of the biogas implementation project in the community and also the questions in the discussion. For RE-Regions, I reviewed components of the project.

  • September 1st, 2009:
In the first day of next month, September, I dealt with technical knowledge of research projects in the internship. I viewed documents needed for interview. They were: the information of key actors, the questions, and how the results of interview would be analyzed and evaluated.

List of key actors was in the form of table. This table consist of many details information about the person, such as who would interview the person, when and where, what was the occupation, how this person had been found, how to contact the person and what was the respond, what was the function and the institution, and where was the complete address.

The questions for interview had correlation with the process of renewable energy development in the region, for example how it was started, who had proposed it, who the important key actors, how it was changed, etc.

Due to from the beginning of my internship, it is said that there would be any presentation in the end, I started to prepare power point slides for the presentation. I needed the details information of the project and also some pictures of the project component as a complement of my presentation. I reviewed all information from the last month in August 2009.

  • September 2nd, 2009:
This day I dealt with content of RE-Regions project. I had been explained the detail protocol of two days meeting (August 31th, 2009 - September 1st, 2009) with the community in Morbach. After that, I made summary of those explanations.

Other activity I did was collecting all the files I had and documented it in the computer. In the end, I had a backup document of those files in my working folder.

Before the end of time working, I noted the explanation of the project component of RE-Regions in ZEE. Components I had written were component 2 and component 5. Component 1 and 5 of RE-Region project were done by ZEE. Other components were done by other team from other organizations which are cooperated in RE-Region project.

  • September 3rd, 2009:
I started to think about methodology of research for master thesis proposal. I made literature review for this task.

In the same day, I also dealt with international study. I was still looking for some information, as much as possible.

  • September 4th, 2009:
There were two works I did on this day. They were international study and the project of RE-Regions.

I worked again on international study. Up to this time, I was still looking for some information of renewable energy self sufficiency region. I was thinking how to present it into nice form. I tried to arrange information I had submitted in excel.

I prepared power point slides for the presentation. I viewed the poster of RE-Region to get additional information about this project.

  • September 7th, 2009:
I continued to put all of information in one table for my international study. Many different information and points were still not available. Finally I searched again additional information to get the requirement input data.

I made discussion about Micro-Biogas Project and asked some questions related to the project. My practical trainer explained about the study area and the current situation, the interview with the community, what was the concept of biogas in the study area.

  • September 8th, 2009:
I helped to prepare some notes  which was needed for interview in Scwäbisch Hall. This note was in table form. It contains information about the date, who would make the interviewed, who would been interviewed, the location, and the time.

I also worked on international study. This time I continued to fill blank parts in the table.

My college explained about the other form of communication within the team in the project. This time was about sharing the working files and information of the project (only for the team). This is called internal communication. There is a server to communicate within the team. This server contains all of working files and all of important information of the project. The server is arranged specifically for each year, month, and day for a new input in the project. The file name is arranged according to regulation of internal communication for the project. And every team project can access the file according to their need.

  • September 9th, 2009:
I prepared power point slides for the presentation. I changed some pages and added some information. I made some discussion with my colleges about the presentation, what was less and what should be improved, what should be added, and what should be changed.

  • September 10th, 2009:
I read a definition of success factor and science criterion from one of project team.

I read an article about pro- and contra of nuclear and coal power to generate energy.[9]

I wanted to give the last part in the presentation. That part is international study. I collected the data I had found before and compiled it in this folder. I tried to bring all data I had found into one table. I had added some more input into the table, but still many information should be searched.

  • September 11th, 2009:
I worked with the same part like yesterday on international study.

  • September 14th, 2009:
This time, I changed the content of table for international study. I gave a border for the scope area. The performance of the table was better, there was not so much blank in the column.

I read an email about "Ecological Lectures Carl-Schurz-Haus Winter Semester 2009/10".[10]

For the project, I viewed the concept of transferred transcript in the written format from the interview in Morbach. I also helped to type the profile of Freiburg University. The profile was needed by the person who made the interview.

  • September 15th, 2009:
I read an email about "5. September 2009 - The Green Talents Meet Young German Scientist".[11]

I read an email about "WGBU Publication".[12]

I asked some suggestion on international study to my colleges in the same room. We made some discussion about how I could provide it in good performance and all of the data could be filled. The result of this discussion was, I had to make a summary for each area in the study. So, in this day I made that summary.

  • September 16th, 2009:
I read an email about "Bioenergy in Copenhagen".[13] It was about the development of research institute in Birmingham and educational centre in Odenwald. Both of them focused on bioenergy development and research, but they have different target, focus, and development plan of the place.

I read also an email about "".[14]

  • September 17th, 2009:
In this day I found an idea how to present international study. I wanted to make a website for that purpose. I asked to my colleges in the same room.

  • September 18th, 2009:
I started to find out how to make a website. I collected many information about that in internet and started to make the website. I chose a free website to create the website for the first time. The name is "". provides only the address for the site in internet. I could not build any design for the site and save my files there. I needed another provider who could give free space in internet to build my site, design it, and then save my files, without pay anything. They are called free web hosting provider. I chose as web hosting provider for my website.

  • September 21st, 2009:
I read an email about "Energy Efficiency Improvements To Waxman-Markey Could Create 569,000 Jobs".[15]

I fixed everything to have a free website address and get an account in the hosting provider. Many things should be done.

  • September 22nd, 2009:
Finally I had an account in and I had created also an address for the website. The address is That was a website address for the internship report. For international study I decided to make it first in a blog. In the end this blog can be connected with the site of internship report. That was the concept of my internship report.

  • September 23rd, 2009:
So, in this day I met my supervisor and said that I wanted to make a website for my international study. I also wanted to make the report for my internship in the website.

I joined the team to meet the community in the introduction forum of the research project. This forum was held in the Centre of Energy in Wolpertshausen. This time I met the full team who are working in the project. The purpose of this forum was introducing the project to the community of Wolpertshausen. There were two projects would be introduced, RE-Regions and Micro-Biogas.

The forum was opened by the head of the Energy Centre of Wolpertshausen.

Then the project of RE-Regions was introduced. Each member of the team were introduced according to their part in the project. Then each of them introduced their organization. The last session was discussion for RE-Regions project.

The next was Micro-Biogas. This second forum had been started by introducing the project of Micro-Biogas. The last session was discussion for Micro-biogas project.

In the end, there was closure.

  • September 24th, 2009:
I wrote a protocol from the meeting with the community in Wolpertshausen.

I worked on international study. I chose a blog in blogspot because of many articles said this blog was very easy to be built if someone never know how to make blog for the first time. The tools inside were very easy also to be used. Finally, I decided to create a blog and this was the first address of international study The first name of this blog was RESS Region. RESS Region was an abbreviation from Renewable Energy Self Sufficiency Region.

I put many information about international study and I started to build the blog. I designed the page with some picture of flags and maps in each area of RESS Region.

I read an email about "Minutes from Symposium - Energy from Waste".[16]

  • September 25th, 2009:
I continued with my work yesterday on international study and put more information in the blog.

I viewed an email about "Renewable Energy Data of the Region in Germany from a Site of EnbW".[17]

  • September 28th, 2009:
I also worked on international study and created more page in the blog.

I viewed an email about:
- Energy Map of the Region in Germany: Top Ten the Federal State and Top Ten Cities and Counties.[18]
- Energy Map of Lüchow-Dannenberg Administrative District with 13% of Renewable Energy Self Sufficiency.[19]
- Social Forum 2009 in Germany.[20]

  • September 29th, 2009:
I read an email about "List of Demands to the Need for Market Development of Wood Energy in the new Legislature".[21]

I worked on the draft of master thesis proposal. The first draft of my master thesis was finished.

I worked also on the website of the internship and the blog of international study. The first version of both were finished.

  • September 30th, 2009:
I read an email about "Cinema Documentary / Energy Autonomy - The 4th Revolution".[22]

I viewed a site of Energy Consultant of LTZ in Augustenberg.[23]

  • October 1st, 2009
I joined a routine meeting.

I read an email about "A Campaign of the Nuclear Phase-Out".[24]

  • October 2nd, 2009:
This is the last day of my internship of research project in ZEE. I checked all of documents that I had recorded during the internship whether I had already all of them. I made discussion with my supervisor about the first draft of master thesis proposal, the website, and the blog.

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