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Renewable energy has been developed recently in many countries as a response of community in the world of the higher oil prices in the world market. The development is very fast changed and adapted in many regions in the world. One factor influenced the rapid development of renewable energy is the increasing demand of energy which is equal with the increasing of population number in each region. Unstable condition on oil dependencies makes many region decide to change and move to renewable energy and focus to find the way to achieve self sufficiency with 100% renewable energy and become free of oil dependencies.

Many choice of technology can be used in the implementation. It depends on the circumstance condition and series of potency owned by the region. The question then is how to implement this technology to gain the target desired. In fact, implement the concept from the paper to the field is not easy, many obstacles could be come out in the realization. Also, many factors can influence whether the development succeed or failed. Due to this reason, it looks like interesting to know how the concept of renewable energy in each region will be applied. How the community deal with their commitment and how they act to make their target feasible. In the end, if the development succeed, what is the success factors behind.

Implementing the project in the community successfully is important to be known from my personal side because it has correlation with my master thesis. In master thesis, I will make a concept for a community to obtain electricity from renewable energy with the case study of my home town. It is worthwhile if I can learn many experiences from other region to achieve their target with renewable energy (from international study) and how to get in touch with the community in the field and cooperate in the project (from the research project).

The Concept of Internship

The concept of this internship is a combination between content of the project and organizational knowledge of project implementation in the community. The decision to have this concept is in the reason that it is not only content of the project which is important, organizational aspects has important role also from practical side. Besides, this internship is designed how I can get idea about master thesis and have the result in the form of first draft of master thesis proposal.


The project is about finding success factors for concepts that are aimed at the complete energy-supply (electricity and heat) on the basis of renewable energies. Aim of the practical training is to answer the question "How to implement a renewable energy concept" and to know about content of the project and organizational aspects of the project implementation in the community.


Internship have been done in Centre for Renewable Energy (ZEE) Albert-Ludwigs University of Freiburg during 17 August - 05 October 2009. Scope of internships are involved in the research project of Forestry Economics Institute in the project of RE-Regions and Micro-Biogas as well as in the daily office work, making an international study, and making first draft of master thesis proposal. The result of internships are internship report and first draft of master thesis proposal.

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